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At Plan A we pride ourselves on working with smaller business. We really love to work with local people, smaller companies and tradespeople?

It’s great feeling to see businesses growing from strength to strength and a fabulous feeling of pride takes over when we have taken our part in that happening.

At plan a,  were all for the feel-good factor it helps us to stay happy and focused, the plus side of this is we get to some fabulous people with amasing storys.

We specialise in helping smaller companies, shops, plumbers, roofers, wedding businesses, sole traders etc.

We start by setting up and building a website this could be a simple page or more complicated.

This is awareness and helps put a company on the map as such getting them up and running as quickly as we can.

Promoting  a company  we don’t stop there we keep going and for a small fee each month,  we carry on with SEO (search engine optimising) work and optimising your web site,  helping to rank and keeping the site as close to the top-ranking as it is possible.

We talk to many people and when people come to do work for us we get chatting the thing that always gets said it’s about time and knowing how to work a website.  The reason we are so keen to help is that we recognised all this a long time ago and here we are helping many companies get going and moving up,  Big companies can throw big money at marketing and often they do and that’s fine if you have big money.  However, we know smaller companies don’t have these resources and are often running around trying to keep up with the work they are doing.  Even more, the biggest baggiest thing we identified was traders and shop owners don’t have enough time to update websites or make amendments, optimise or often don’t know-how.  They are great a plumbing, or roofing stoping water running in our house,

But they have a life and other commitments, therefore, need to do quotes and accounts on top of doing the work and of course family time, friends, hobbies.

But don’t get time when they get home to be messing with websites.

So we learned a lot form our family and friends, some dabble, some hate it completely and some hate doing it and call us.

How can I help you and what do we do?

Well,  firstly this is a journey we take together so we listen.

You know what you need doing or have ideas, you have your trade or product. You come with ideas and you’re all there ready to get going.

It’s a long job listing and adding products or telling the people looking at your site what you do.

We can do this for you, Lets plan what you want to add and what you can offer your customers then we will organise and draw a map of the pages, We may need some input regarding how you do things. If you have products to add we can do that too.

We have years of experience and we can incorporate all your ideas bringing your business to life.

So we can help you if you have already had a website built and don’t know what to do next

Build Websites

We build websites

We can help you if you had a web built and don’t know what to do next.

Design and build of websites for SME’s (small to medium enterprise) that will be found and liked by your customers.  Our websites are search engine friendly and will quickly rank with Google.

Search Marketing

Getting your business found online through the perfect blend of paid media and organic search investment to deliver measurable results.

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We can do your:

weekly Updates

Security Checks

User checks

Getting your website noticed

SEO work can be done to an existing website and we are great at SEO optimisation.

Optimization is also a skill we have and know the rules so no messing, also can be done and for a small fee we keep om it each month

SEO work can be done to an existing website and we are great at SEO optimisation.

Wer’e bloggers

We are bloggers. Send us a subject and a few photos and we can blog for you, or we can put a blog together for you.

Blogging is not so easy and often you can waffel on just and write but there are blogging techniques.

Radiator Renovator web build and search marketing
Woodland Trust


“Nick has played a key role in turning around our business.  We loved our beautiful website but it wasn’t generating any business.  Nick investigated, explained the issues and redesigned our site.  Our phone is now ringing and we are rising on Google.  We have found Nick to be proactive, diligent and brutally honest.”


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