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Database Marketing and Insight

A deep understanding of data sits at the heart of effective marketing – and is a key factor in our right-first-time approach. Our database marketing and insight analysts have worked across many different sectors, from financial services to retail to charities, and used data, insights and experience to deliver demonstrable success – constantly refining the process to achieve even better results based on previous successes.

Database Marketing and Insight

Database Marketing and Insight are the key


The sheer volume of data means gives us plenty of opportunities to slice it up in many interesting and insightful ways however not everyone has the skills to enable them to do this.

a.  RFV (recency, frequency, value) We have all heard of it but most don’t put it to good use. There is nothing better to measure business health, keep track of retention and attrition, and guide investment decisions to keep customers profitable. We keep it simple and explain it in a language that is understood at all levels.

b.  Behavioural or attitudinal segmentation Or putting it simply understanding what makes your customer tick. A distant qualitative relative of RFV examines customers by what they think of you and what motivates them to interact with you.

c.  Pricing or promotion. The internet has changed people’s shopping behaviour and looking online for a bargain has become acceptable behaviour. Understanding price and promotional sensitivity will lead to better ROI.

d.  Responsiveness to marketing activity. We now know that many channels are responsible for the end click or sale and so most customers will interact with you in varying ways and many channels. But understanding which channel is most likely to generate the highest levels of responsiveness will deliver you a better return for your marketing spend.

Evaluation and reporting

Plan A firmly believes that if you can’t measure it then perhaps you shouldn’t be doing it.  Our team comes from a strong data background having financial services and eCommerce backgrounds and strong followers of the test and learn approach.