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Marketing Communications


Marketing Communications – Email, Newsletters & More

Whether you need to talk to your existing clients or perhaps attract new ones, developing the correct marketing communications journey is vital. Everything from how you address them, to making sure your message is on brand for your business matters. Email marketing is one of the most measurable methods for success.

Firstly, Communications can come in a range of different media types, such as email, direct mail, newsletters. Not only that, but also the text you display on any websites, packaging and printed media counts towards communicating with your target demographic.

Here at Plan A, we create great and impacting marketing communications and email marketing campaigns for our clients.

Marketing communications

Email Marketing

Emails are a really powerful tool for acquisition, retention and engagement with potential or existing customers. However, it’s very easy to get things wrong and miss opportunities. So if you’re using email as a direct sales channel, every single open, click and conversion counts.
We understand that with careful planning, detailed knowledge, customer insight and years of experience of successful campaign management, we can help you get it right for your business – again and again.

Direct Marketing – Mail

Sometimes an email isn’t going to cut it. You may have a demographic who don’t use computers much or at all. It could be that your campaign needs a multiple-hit approach. Direct mail generates cut through and recall and should not be discounted as either a primary or a follow up channel.
First of all, we understand and have experience with many businesses who send out mail all the time. We encourage our clients by offering help and support in creating the right mail to send them. We even have a creative colleague to assist with design.
From concept to delivery, the Sales Factory will happily guide you through the process. As a result this will help you get a better Return on Investment and most of all, increase sales.


Another powerful sales communication is a form of email marketing too, but this time it’s a Newsletter. People who have an interest in your products and services can be contacted from time to time and encouraged to engage with the brand.  The newsletter is also a fabulous awareness creating tool which warms and educates prospects to your brand.
Perhaps you have a new product or service? Or maybe you wish to present a potential customer with a proposal? Either way, we have experience of doing this for most of our clients and we have some great results.
For more information, or if you have any questions about communications or email campaigns for your business, please get in touch. Feel at ease to contact us, or call us on 07981 879825

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