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About Nick Flewitt

About Nick Flewitt Marketing ConsultantPlan A Marketing was formed in 2012 by Nick Flewitt.  Nick had previously spent many years working in large agencies holding senior positions in client services and Planning. His client side career culminated with Nick running a successful direct marketing team for a large home furnishings PLC.

Nick describes himself as a consultant with a “small c”.  He much prefers rolling up his sleeves and getting involved to sitting in endless meetings. Nick has a proven track record in database marketing and has helped household brands such as HSBC and Grattan in demonstrating improved Return on Investment.

More recently Nick has established himself as a Search Marketing expert, growing Mary Portas Kinky Knickers brand from start up and previously working with Pepsi and Oxfam in improving attribution return.

Plan A’s N has spent 2 years working within national charity The Woodland Trust insight team.  During his time at the Trust he developed the teams analytical skills and grew the team’s reputation within the broader organisation.  Nick worked extensively with the IT team in developing RFV based donor segmentation which is being used to grow donor value.